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A’SOUD Global School Salalah (AGS-Salalah)

After our successful ventures with A’Soud Global School (AGS) –A Premier British International Curriculum School and Horizon Kids International Nursery in Muscat, we are expanding our reach with two new International Schools “A’Soud Global School –AGS” in Duqm and Salalah respectively to offer an innovative and unique experience of International Standard quality education in these two locations. The local Omani and expatriate children can avail the high standards facilities in our school campus and inside classrooms from September 2019 onwards, which will be the gateway to access unique learning experience of truly British education while being taught by experienced educators fulfilling local Ministry of Education requirements.


A’Soud Education established in 2018 with a vision to become a leading educational service provider company in the country contributing sustainable educational growth and development across various educational verticals. Under the flagship of a leading business house of Oman, A’Soud Education is a strategic venture under Al-Tamman Holdings and English Education Management Company (EEMC). Earlier they have successfully established a global premier school in Muscat in 2016 “A’soud Global School (AGS)”. The school is based on Cambridge International Curriculum which is currently among most reputed international schools in Oman with 100% Ministry of Education inspection rating.

A’Soud Educational Services Company LLC (AES) is the registered name of A’Soud Education in Oman. It is an educational wing of the group set up to ensure a focused and specialized approach to educational projects and services that we offer to the multi-national communities, to serve various educational needs of the nation by bringing the best international standards of education and services. We are an education provider and services company dedicated to the Education industry to cater quality education and services. We are venturing into various educational, management and consultation services to ensure the educational institutions can get the benefits of better services and deliver better education to their stakeholders.

Furthermore, we are now expanding to offer two new branches of “A’Soud Global School” based on Cambridge International Curriculum in two cities of Oman i.e. Duqm and Salalah respectively. The aim is to build a long term sustainable educational growth in the country while crafting educational excellence with every step forward. AES comprises educationists and investors who bring their skills and experience in delivering sustainable long-term development goals which is driven by passion to achieve excellence in education. The high-value international schools built under our management will foster the learning opportunity for students to meet their international learning experience in different parts of Oman. We believe there is always an opportunity for better education and a way for better services. We look forward to striving in educational development by crafting and investing in innovative educational services and solutions. The dynamic and creative educational services of AES would cater various needs of educational organizations to meet their organizational goals.

We are a forward-thinking company. We bring innovative thinking in our education and educational services which help us to stay aligned with future needs and to cater beyond the expectations. It is an important factor for us to make sure all our stakeholders get best of their interest, ultimately fulfilling their satisfaction in every step forward. The ultimate goal is to become a trusted leader in the educational services of the nation.


To strive for excellence in educational services. To win the trust and respect of stakeholders by creating an ecosystem in the society adopting innovative educational practices and crafting better educational services to cater and deliver beyond the expectation.


To be a leader and trusted educational services provider of the nation.

Our School Values

To provide a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive global learning environment in which everyone is treated with equity.

Student Selection Criteria

Our Philosophy And Motto

In this fast-paced changing world, Education always remains the medium to gain the knowledge to stay on track to face the challenges. We recognize the values of obtaining the skills and leadership abilities in the young generation of the nation to have a sustainable society for a bright future. The importance of delivering the needful skills and making the learners a future leader, educators must take initiatives to be the contributor to equip the youths with required skills and abilities. We at A’Soud Education strongly believe that our philosophy is to stay inspired to inspire others with whom we are associated, to work with passion to serve better and always strive for excellence in everything that we do.

Be the change, so going forward we want to be with the change, to stay focused and advance with confidence in serving the education, training and creating awareness for a positive change in the society. We want to bring the best of facilities for educators, so we can be part of the creation of an ecosystem where everyone can be benefited and development in the dynamic younger generation shouldn’t be an obstacle due to their locality and lack of facilities. We adopt innovative educational services engaging educators that deliver beyond the expectation. Likewise, we are devoted to service excellence and committed to serve the community better with our educational services. We understand the importance of a community having a young generation who can be leaders to bring a positive change in the society and nation, hence we take the responsibility as a service provider to spread inspiration and motivate the youth rightfully during their education and equip them with all the needful tools of education, so they can be capable enough to be part of growth of the nation.

Our 4 Philosophical Guiding Principles

The main Philosophy of A’Soud education is based on striving for excellence. We implement various philosophical guiding principles in our organization, so we can serve our stakeholders better and help to create an ecosystem to provide everyone an equal opportunity for growth.

Stay Positive And Inspired

Staying positive and inspired to achieve our goals is our statement for the team, so it not only gives a positive vibe to our team but also try to spread inspiration to others to whom we work with.

Work And Serve With Passion

Our motivation power comes from our passion to work and serve better. We love to give our best efforts in everything that we do ultimately achieve rewarding results.

Strive For Excellence

We have set our expectations high, hence set our benchmarks high to achieve Excellence. We provide the best quality professionally managed services staying positive and passionate towards our work and services. Not only that, but we strive for excellence in everything that we do, in results our stakeholders get the benefits beyond their expectation.

Innovation And Creativity

We believe in doing things differently bringing innovation and creativity into our services. We try to understand our partners and clients requirements in such a way that we can provide our services in an innovative way adding our creativity.

Making Better Education Possible

We understand the importance of keeping Society and Community along while building an Ecosystem. Hence, our services and solutions are based on our values and their needs for a better tomorrow. We believe in Better Education Possible with innovative thinking and vision. We strive and lead to achieve the best while creating an environment for stakeholders to grow along with us. Therefore, we are here to achieve the best in our offerings beyond the expectation of our stakeholders.

We create a Better Education System for a Better Society, which serves to sustain the Education Ecosystem process. Our process involves first understanding the needs of customers as our success depends on our customers’ growth, profitability and best return on their investment. Based on their needs, our services are built such as providing quality education in schools and providing quality services to educational organizations. It gives the confidence and trust to our customers to do business with us, so as a result we can achieve the success together while building a continuous business relationship.

Our Professional Teachers Development Approach

1. Below trainings are provided during the probation period of teacher : - Child Safety and Protection ( Fire and Safety Training) - mandatory for all - EYFS for KG Teachers - IPC for Primary Teachers - IMYC for Lower Secondary Teacher

2. Below listed Soft Skills Training Programs based as identified by yearly performance appraisal : -Work Ethics -Positive Attitude -Team Work -Communication and Conflict Management - Interpersonal Skills

Associates And Partners

A Cambridge International Curriculum School in Muscat, A’Soud Global School (AGS) has become a premier Cambridge curriculum education school of Oman within three years of inception.

Life at AGS, Students love their time. With the kind of educational and extracurricular facilities and infrastructure available in AGS, students love their time in the school and cherish every moment spent. We want to provide a similar experience in our school in Duqm where those aspiring children can feel the happiness while learning in the school and cherish their moments while growing.

English Education and Management Company – EEMC

Our associates and Managing partner company “English Education and Management Company” have taken the complete Academic and Administrative Consultancy, and Management Services of HASIS and successfully implemented the solutions and fulfilled all the above 10 stages by focusing on the all key areas. The school is now successfully offering a UK curriculum in a modern and new educational campus from the efficient management of EEMC.

HASIS Management

Our latest such turn-key project being executed is Hay Al Sharooq International School (HASIS), Sur. HASIS is among leading International Schools in Oman and owned Oman LNG where we have taken up the complete consultation and management services of the school providing complete service on turn-key basis and overall operational management.

STEP 1 - Carefully understanding of the requirements
STEP 2 - Analysis the requirements to find best solutions
STEP 3 - Selecting, adopting and building appropriate premises
STEP 4 - Recruiting the best teaching staff
STEP 5 - Choosing an appropriate curriculum or programme
STEP 6 - Establishing Administrative System in the school
STEP 7 - Purchasing resources and equipment
STEP 8 - Placing support staff
STEP 9 - Developing and implementing School Policies and Governance
STEP 10 - Training and Orientation of staff to settle in and adapt to the school policies and practices
Our experts are available to extend their services to such educational institutions on consultations or managing the complete school system.

Overview of Key Areas

Carefully understanding of the requirements

The initial stage is building a careful understanding of the requirements, which then can be transformed to the thought process. It is good to understand why they need to outsource the school management service to a professional management company. So, we ensure that we first understand our academic partner’s requirements carefully to go to the next stage.

Analysis the requirements to find the best solutions

Once we understand the requirements, our experience analysis team evaluates the exact needs to find the best solutions that are most suitable to the betterment of the academic institution and which can lead to a successful operation of the institution/school. Selecting, adopting and building appropriate premisesThe most important part of starting a school is to locate a most appropriate location or premises and we can assist the school to find it and support thereafter to adopt and build appropriate premises.

Recruiting the best teaching staff

The tough task for any school is to recruit the best teaching staff as that is the most critical part of a school’s success. We have recruited various teaching staff of different nationalities in our earlier projects, hence we can assist on this tough task.

Choosing an appropriate curriculum or programme

This is an important aspect of a school to ensure what they are planning to teach to the students is the most appropriate curriculum and matches the Ministry guidelines. We can advise the most suitable curriculum for the school.

Establishing administrative System in the 6 schools

To run a school smoothly, it is important to establish a correct administrative system in the school. We can ensure the right kind of system is implemented in the school.

Purchasing resources and equipment

We assist in selecting the good quality, durable and value for money resources and equipment.

Placing support staff

To maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in the school, we can place appropriate support staff to take care of the daily activities in the school.

Developing and implementing School Policies and Governance

We can create policies and Governance for the school to follow a strict internal regulation which helps the school to maintain a decorum and professional workplace.

Training and Orientation of staff

We provide the Training and Orientation to the staff to settle in and adapt to the school policies and practices.The tough task for any school is to recruit the best teaching staff as that is the most critical part of a school’s success. We have recruited various teaching staff of different nationalities in our earlier projects, hence we can assist on this tough task.


Academic Education

We are adding values to your needs by building an ecosystem for society and community by catering international standard education through our international schools.Our next venture in Academic Education is to open two new international schools to deliver high quality education and international standards infrastructure and facilities in two different cities of Oman - Duqm and Salalah respectively with the name A’soud Global School.

Academic Partnership

We are here to serve the academic institutions like School with Academic and Administrative consultancy and management service. We offer the school academic consultancy, so they can rest assured that the school can deliver a quality education. In addition, administrative consultancy and management services can add professional services in the school while the school top management can sit back and relax by giving the school to the hand of a professional service provider.

Academic Support

We offer various academic support services which would help the academic institutions for their betterment in education through professional support and services.

Strategic Partnerships And Alliance

We offer strategic alliances to corporate houses to better utilise their CSR budgets in a much constructive and useful manner in the cause of nation development with respect to education.

We are venturing into many more educational services soon to add value to our offerings in the process of achieving our long-term vision in educational business and that will be notified as and when we start offering those services.

Creating Unique Learning Experience

Come and fall in love with the school, being an International school, it intends to offer top class education along with an array of resources and various learning facilities in a spacious school campus. Students will be taught by well qualified teaching staff with the aim of providing the best education, experience and opportunity in an environment where students engage themselves to achieve more enhancing the skills and knowledge to the fullest.


AGS Salalah will seek accreditation from various professional accreditation organisations to ensure the schools meet international standards of education recognition.

Corporate Benefit Programme (CBP)

Our Corporate Benefit Programme - CBP which helps the corporate to offer their employees to avail discounted fees while doing admission in our international schools. We offer partnership to corporate houses which can be mutually agreed terms benefiting mutually to fulfil various employees benefits programmes of the corporates and at the same time providing access to their children to avail the best international education within the reach of their parents to feel pride in their children's educational investment.

We offer a one to one customized partnership model to corporate houses and this can be discussed with our business development team to find the best solutions suitable to individual corporate houses.

Academic and Administrative Consultancy, and Management Services

For School

Getting off to a good start is very essential for a new school. Having an experienced consultant with prior experience in setting up a large scale school can always save precious time and ensure timely start of the school. We have the right kind of experience to offer consultation to such a new school. Our consultation service is based on the experience, research and practical methods implemented previously. So, we try to understand school’s needs and adapt our services accordingly to put them on to the right track, so they can excel easily


We offer our management services as well on a full turnkey project basis to schools. Many schools fail to meet their objectives and struggle to make return on investment due to lack of proper management in the school. Therefore, our experienced management service can provide support and cater to achieve the school’s objectives and better return on investment while opening the path towards a progressive growth and successful future to achieve desired results.



The school has the capacity to admit 250 pupils from KG1 to Grade 8 between the ages 3 years 2 months and 15 years 2 months in a purpose build campus spanning 25,000 SQM which is conveniently located at Janub Madinat Al Saadh area. In Subsequent years the school will grow year by year to an Upper Preparatory and Senior School in final phase of education at age 17 preparing pupils for the IGCSE. The school will offer the very best academic programmes, rich array of resources, facilities and cocurricular opportunities to pupils with a distinctive independent school style that reflects the values and dynamic culture of the Sultanate, so pupils can gain essential skills and ready for a future full of challenges and opportunities.



In its state-of-the-art multi-facilities Campus, AGS Salalah will offer a vibrant and challenging learning environment in its spacious stimulating class rooms and activities rooms, various PE and Sports facilities such as Swimming and Splash pools, Outdoor multi-game courts, top quality large 3G Football ground, indoor multi-purpose sports hall, a Library, ICT Room, Art and Drama Room, Music Room, Nurse room and Laboratories.



AGS Salalah aims to offer Early Years Curriculum to Kindergarten pupils between ages 3 to 5 within a play and explore environment covering all 7 essential areas of Learning and Development.


For Primary Curriculum, AGS Salalah aims to provide a high quality British style primary education based on Ministry approved Cambridge international Curriculum and adapted to meet the varied needs of our international school community. Core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science will be covered through the Cambridge International Curriculum (Science in Grade 5 moves into discreet subjects - Physics, Biology and Chemistry). The foundation subjects are covered through either the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). We also covers Arabic Language Learning and Islamic Education for Muslim students which follows Ministry of Education curriculum.


Our Team

Being one of the leading brand schools in Sultanate, our experienced British Principal / Headmaster will overseas the academic and ensure international standard quality education in the school with the help of our international teaching staff selected carefully from various nationalities to offer a true international education to the pupils expected to come from international and local communities of Salalah. The parents will be least assured that their children are in safe hands of our staff in the school and receiving all round development of their skills in a student centric learning environment.

With a team of British, international and Arabic teaching and support staff, the school will develop independent and creative minds; with an aim to equip pupils with the capability to achieving their aspirations – both academically and morally.

This will go a long way in enabling students to respond to the rapidly changing world in which they will pursue future study and work in the time to come.


The School will offer Cambridge International Curriculum to pupils belonging to different nationalities in the vicinity. In its first phase, the school will be admitting pupils from Kindergarten (KG1) to Grade 6 age between 3 to 13 years in a purpose build campus spanning 25,000 SQM conveniently located at Janub Madinat Al Saadh area.


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