School Clinic

The clinic in school will be located at the ground floor. It will open between 7.15am and 4pm. We will have full time nurse fully qualified and licensed. Students can come to the clinic to see the nurses regarding any sickness, injury or other health related problem but they do need to inform their teacher before they attend.

Reception and nursery students are brought by their respective teacher or teaching assistant. Parents will be informed by email of any medication given in school. If students need to go home due to illness the nurse will contact the parents by phone and we will keep the student in the clinic where we can observe them.

The nurse will also carry out all the childhood immunisations as per the Omani schedule in Grade 1 and 6 and medical checks in grade 1, 4 and 7 in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines. Parents will be informed by email or letter before any immunisations or medicals are carried out. We will keep up to date records of all immunisations and medical checks in the clinic. In addition to clinical duties the nurse will assist the teachers with PHSE lessons, teaching the students about healthy lifestyles, how infection spreads and importance of handwashing.